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We are an organisation who informs businesses of
the do's and dont's of the commercial energy industry

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Call back service - Arrange a convenient time to
discuss your energy requirements that suits you

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Experienced team with extensive knowledge of the
energy industry since de-regulation commenced

Quick Tip: Never ignore the renewal letter

Quick Tip: Never allow an automatic rollover

Quick Tip: Always terminate a contract at the right time

Quick Tip: The onus is always on you

Quick Tip: Switching is an option

Quick Tip: You donít have to stay with the same supplier

Quick Tip: Nothing changes but the bill

Quick Tip: Efficiency is ALL our responsibility

Quick Tip: If youíre not sure, donít do it

Quick Tip: Beware the verbal contract trap

Quick Tip: Get it in writing

Quick Tip: Transparency is everything

Quick Tip: Fixed is not always fixed

Quick Tip: We are NOT a call centre

Quick Tip: Energy is a necessity

Quick Tip: Take meter readings regularly

Quick Tip: Minimise waste, increase profits

Quick Tip: Insulation works

Welcome to the Utility Advice Bureau!

The Utility Advice Bureau is a full Energy Cost Reduction and Management Service with a collective experience of over 40 years. Our Senior Energy Advisor's are all fully trained in providing every aspect of bespoke Commercial, Governmental and Private Sector solutions since De-Regulation commenced. Our on-going service ensures our client's receive the very best advice and services available all year round. It is essential that we all ensure that energy waste is kept to a minimum. Read more...

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Services offered


The advice given by the UAB energy consultants is always current and up to date in an ever changing industry. Our clients have access to this advice for the duration of the agreements that we secure. Read more...

Tender Process

With over 40 years of collective knowledge and experience the UAB has secured and managed over half a billion commercial Gas and Electricity units for our clients since 2006.


At UAB our clients have direct access to pricing from every major supplier (the big 6) and specialised Independent Gas and Electricity agreements available! NOT every Broker/Consultant can deal direct.

Account Management

Our clients benefit from dedicated personal energy consultants who will manage each account for the duration of any agreement secured through the UAB.


Every single client of the UAB is protected by our own self regulated redress scheme. Has your consultant/broker a redress scheme?

Energy Dispute Mediation

Have you ever reached that point of despair, donít know how to resolve a dispute or reach a compromise with your energy supplier?


The UAB has created bespoke software that will manage, protect and provide our clients information of every aspect of their energy agreements instantly.

Inside the Bureau

Online access is available for those clients interested in having access to their accounts 24/7.

Credit Vetting

Every energy supplier WILL credit score your business before accepting an energy agreement.


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